Workplace Diversity: Design Impacts Office Inclusion

i+D magazine’s recent feature “Diversity by Design” breaks down how evolving office, design, and global perspectives positively impact workplace diversity. The article features Washington, DC’s Inclusive Innovation Incubator (In3) — the first incubator in the country focused intentionally on diversity and inclusion — and its architecture firm Wingate Hughes Architects.

i+D’s July/August issue delves into inclusive work environments and how diverse perspectives are driving diversity in the workplace and design communities.

The “Diversity by Design” feature appears in i+D’s inaugural issue, a partnership between the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and Interior Designers of Canada (IDC) and highlights Gavin Hughes Daniels, co-founding principal of Wingate Hughes, and KellyAnn Kirkpatrick, program manager of In3.

“Just because two people look alike from the outside doesn’t mean that their experiences are the same,” states Kirkpatrick in the i+D article. “It’s important for us to have people who have walked different lives.”

workplace diversity
Kirkpatrick (bottom left), welcomes members, students, and entrepreneurs into In3’s newly opened space. In3 provides diverse mentorships, education opportunities, events, and physical desk or office space to encourage¬†thinkers from all backgrounds and experiences to create.

“It really showed some great leadership among the tech sector and the city and Howard to say we’re going to talk about a problem that isn’t comfortable to talk about, talk about it in a positive way, and do something about it,” Daniels shares in i+D about the initial work to form the public/private partnership between the Mayor of Washington, DC, Howard University, and Luma Lab (where In3 was first conceived). The successful partnership and In3’s spring 2017 opening cements DC’s vow to make the city the inclusive innovation capital of the country.

“It was one of those times–if you’ve ever in your professional career questioned whether what you do for a living can have an impact on people’s lives–when the answer was ‘yes’ and it really felt great to help fulfill a need in the community,” says Daniels in the i+D piece when committing Wingate Hughes to the In3 project. “It was nothing short of inspiring.”

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