Wingate Hughes Rocks The Black Cat

Wingate Hughes Architects Rocks DC at the Black Cat
Gavin Daniels and Gavin Bowie took the stage at the Black Cat to thank everyone.

Wingate Hughes Architects’ founding co-principals Gavin Wingate Bowie and Gavin Hughes Daniels took the stage at DC’s legendary Black Cat on September 27 to address a packed house of friends and clients at the firm’s end-of-summer-bash. “We wanted to make it very clear how much we value the relationships we’ve built over the years with each of you!” said Bowie.

wingate hughes architects rocks_ray ritchey_andy obrien_black cat
DC legend Ray Ritchey of Boston Properties with Andy O’Brien of JLL.

Party attendees included our clients from transportation powerhouse Ford Motor Company and local DC tech titan Optoro to leading marketing intelligence platform TrackMaven and the first US government incubator and accelerator Eastern Foundry.

“We learned from the best mentors in this city. People like Ray Ritchey of Boston Properties and Doug Jemal from Douglas Development set an unprecedented example of excellence,” Daniels shared. “We thank all our role models for being there for us and supporting Wingate Hughes from the beginning.”

Bowie and Daniels left the crowd at the Black Cat with these closing words, “This firm, our firm, Wingate Hughes Architects, is about so much more than two guys named Gavin. Tonight, everybody here is Wingate Hughes! Let’s rock!”

Wingate Hughes Rocks Party 00122
Norman Jemal at Wingate Hughes Rocks!

True to the company’s roots, local band Paperhaus headlined the party. A leader in the national DIY and DC music scenes, Paperhaus rocked the private show with two sets of original music. The band and Daniels met as part of the DC contingency supporting the city’s innovation and arts economies at SXSW last March.

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