Wingate Hughes’ Gavin Daniels a DC Inno 50 on Fire and Top DC Innovator

Wingate Hughes Architects’ co-founding principal Gavin Hughes Daniels secures a DCInno 50 on Fire win for the third consecutive year, further establishing the founder’s reputation as a top DC innovator and dynamic creator. DC Inno receives thousands of 50 on Fire nominees every year before unveiling their 200+ finalists and identifying the final 50 on Fire list.

top dc innovator
Gavin Daniels, Wingate Hughes’ co-founding principal, locks in the firm’s third consecutive DC Inno 50 on Fire win.

The 50 on Fire accolade recognizes the hottest companies, organizations, and people within DC’s innovation economy and winners are recognized as the most luminary, disruptive, newsworthy, and creative in DC. Kudos to Daniels and the whole Wingate Hughes team for the 2017 DC Inno 50 on Fire win and their continuous groundbreaking office designs.

top dc innovator
Gavin Daniels and his Wingate Hughes team celebrate the 2016 DC Inno 50 on Fire win

Check out Gavin Daniels’ 2017 50 on Fire Nomination announcement, his 2016 50 on Fire award, and Wingate Hughes’ 2015 50 on Fire win.

And for some icing-on-top news, seven of Wingate Hughes’ clients hit the 2017 50 on Fire list too! Additionally, eight other clients made the impressive 50 on Fire nominee list. These companies bleed cool and are the most inventive DC tech companies in the region. Bonus, they work in the hottest offices in DC (view their offices here).

2017 50 on Fire Winners and Wingate Hughes’ Clients

2017 50 on Fire Nominees and Wingate Hughes’ Clients

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