What Does the Office Space of an Out-of-the-box Architecture and Design Firm Look Like?

What does the office space of an out-of-the-box architecture and design firm look like? JLL features Wingate Hughes in their Workplace Ambitions campaign.

Wingate Hughes focuses on designing killer spaces for amazing clients, and our success since founding in 2010 turned into double-digit growth and outgrowing our 3,000 square-foot office on Vermont Avenue NW. “Given their business, we needed to find a space that not only fit them but, also, that they could use as a showcase,” said Andy O’Brien, Managing Director, JLL.

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Embracing our philosophy of pushing design and integrating detail to create a space that feels like home, JLL found our new office at 1424 K St. NW. The workspace accommodates our team and truly represents what we offer our clients. The beautiful boutique building owned by Douglas Development gives us everything we wanted — natural light, downtown DC location, near a park, food, and public transit. “We have 18 people at open benching on beautiful windows fronting K Street,” shared Gavin Daniels, Wingate Hughes Co-Founding Principal. “You can get up from your desk, you can hang out at a couch, you can hang out in the pantry. You have space to breathe. Space to move around and do your work.”

“We more than doubled them in size from their past location,” shared O’Brien. “It was also important for them to be on a full floor … as soon as you come off the elevator, it’s boom! You’re in Wingate Hughes.”

We’re excited to bring guests to our office. “Our clients can see what we do,” explained Daniels. “This space is a laboratory where we can try things and test things out. When we say to our clients, we’re going to push design for you when they walk into our office, they understand it and believe it.”

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