This Office Design Features Residential and Rustic Restaurant Vibes

Orr Associates‘ office design utilizes warm, rustic, and restaurant-inspired elements to flow with their open floor plan and company mindset. The DC consulting firm, located in MRP’s Harbour Town at the Georgetown waterfront, services the nonprofit industry and operates in a flexible, mobile format.

Desks are not assigned at Orr Associates. Throughout the day, staff work where they feel they will be the most productive: at a bench-style desk, in the pantry, in a private meeting space, or in a conference room. Opportunities for staff to adapt and evolve their learning methods to their work approach are endless.

Take a look inside Orr Associates’ office design …

office design

The pantry’s residential elements complement Orr Associates’ laid-back work vibe. Custom millwork like the pantry cabinetry and pieces like the brew-house farm table invite staff to feel at home in their office environment. Employees use the common area for what they need in that moment. Pull up a stool and enjoy a quick breakfast, have a casual conversation, host an informal meeting, or put on headphones and fire up the laptop for a challenging project.

office design

Dropped wood ceiling panels radiate through Orr Associates’ entryway and pantry into the office. The starburst patterned panels designate public common space from private work space, and the amount of panels ebb as they progress towards the back of the office. The design subtlety conveys where conversations are encouraged and quiet is appreciated.

office design
Wingate Hughes’ benching selection by Brooklyn-based Uhuru (dealer, MOI) provides ample space, options, and ease for Orr Associates’ staff. The Milliken carpet’s gradient texture creates forward momentum and drama.

office design

Custom built lockers (pictured left) equip staff members with space to store personal items (since they don’t have assigned desks) and include mail slots and dividers. The locker’s plastic laminate writable surface lets staff express and identify themselves.

Additionally, MRP’s Harbour Town — also designed by Wingate Hughes — offers unique benefits for its second-floor tenants. Amenities include a shared common room with a large pantry, conference room, and hangout space. Orr Associates, along with its four neighbors, have access to these amenities 24-7.

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