Rock Moment with Evan Regan-Levine

Evan Regan-Levine is The JBG Companies‘ Vice President of Investments, specializing in market research for urban and emerging areas. Prior to JBG, Regan-Levine refined his real estate strategy experience at Monday Properties and Jones Lang LaSalle. One could assume he was always on a commercial real estate path with such a specific resume. However, Regan-Levine had different plans for his life. He was at Georgetown University studying government and English when his general-ed art professor asked Regan-Levine if he ever thought about becoming an architect. “Why?” questioned Regan-Levine. “Because you draw just like one,” prophesied the professor.

The truth was Regan-Levine loved buildings. He was fascinated by them, and he also loved data and drawing. Regan-Levine was set on becoming a lawyer but his art professor’s keen eye and question sparked something. From that point on, the Georgetown junior couldn’t shake how to combine his interest in policy with his passion for architecture and design. Regan-Levine ultimately came to a career juncture during his undergrad and was forced to decide on his path. He was offered polar opposite positions — his dream job for CNN’s Pentagon unit and an internship for a Pittsburgh developer who converted historic, rust-belt buildings into residential lofts. Regan-Levine listened to his gut, chose the historic development position, and graduated from Georgetown a year early to pursue his newly discovered passion.

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Now at JBG, Regan-Levine is connecting demographic data to real estate data, strategizing residential and commercial designs, and influencing hundred million dollar decisions. “I connect the economics of deals and market performance with the physical design of buildings, meet goals uncovered through research, and work with architects to shape the design, ” said Regan-Levine. “I research the right approach to physically create a building and tie it back to our rental and sales numbers.” The data does does not lie and neither does his determination. Regan-Levine is under 30, and his drive and ability to listen to instinct rocks.

To learn more about The JBG Companies and Regan-Levine, visit JBG’s news page.