Rock Moment with Allen Gannett

Allen Gannett is an incredibly successful 25-year-old. He is CEO of TrackMaven and has raised approximately $26 million for his marketing analytics platform since the company was founded in 2012. Gannett’s bar is set high, much higher than the typical 20-something. He shares with Wingate Hughes how he discerns a good idea from an idea that ROCKS.

“There is a feeling you get when there is an idea you can’t stop thinking about,” Gannett told us. “I go through a huge amount of self-talk.” He admits that most entrepreneurs, himself included, are “control freaks” and enjoy thinking about the details of how to put something together. “When an idea strikes, I dive into the details. When I can’t see any flaws, I start conceptualizing it. That is when I know that it’s a great idea,” said Gannett. “My mind wraps every ounce of energy around the idea.”

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Gannett also believes we all subconsciously look for certain types of ideas. Formerly, he primarily thought about how to start a company. Now, Gannett’s ideas circle the TrackMaven sandbox. He is continuously thinking about improving TrackMaven, marketing ideas, securing funding, throwing events, and landing company features. Though his ideas have evolved since founding TrackMaven, there is a constant to Gannett’s idea process. “I still get that tingling all-encompassing feeling of excitement,” Gannett shared. Now, that ROCKS.

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*Allen Gannett’s head shot is courtesy of TrackMaven.