Rock Moment with Aaron Pomerantz

Aaron Pomerantz has more than 20 years of experience in the corporate real estate industry spanning several international and national cities, including Moscow, New York and Washington, DC.  His globe trotting led him to his, now 20-year, art passion.

In 1996, Pomerantz purchased his first painting while walking the streets of Prague. He saw a 1 meter by 1 meter canvas and thought, “Oh my God. That is awesome.” This was his first rock moment with art. He was so moved that he bought it, though he could not afford it at the time. Pomerantz smiles and says, “I have never looked back. Today, that painting is in the center of my living room. I look at it all the time, and I still see things I never saw before.”

Pomerantz’s connection to art continues to grow, along with his collection’s size that ranges from five years to 500 years old. He’s running out of space though, so Pomerantz is learning how to tame his visceral gut reaction to purchase art. Luckily, he’s discovered a new way to satiate his desire to experience and share art with his passion project Studio A. Pomerantz owns and curates the gallery that he uniquely housed in a sleekly designed shipping container, conveniently located in his backyard.

aaron pomerantz rocks_wingate hughes architects dc

Studio A hosts a feature artist show every few months to share Pomerantz’s latest favorite and undiscovered artist in hopes that the artist will develop a larger following. Pomerantz has met countless artists over the past 20 years and appreciates the fearless nature an artist must have to brave poverty and rejection in order to use their gift as their career. “I think we all have a responsibility to artists … It’s one of the hardest things to choose,” says Pomerantz. “You can be the greatest artist in the world and never have success or enough money to pay for your family. I think we all have a responsibility to be benefactors to the arts. That’s where my heart is with Studio A.”

studio a gallery washington dc
Studio A at night

Studio A shares Pomerantz’s rock-and-roll connection with art to a fresh audience. Not only is he offering DC a new take on art among the prestigious global collections in the city, Studio A has affordable art for sale — perfect for a first-time art buyer.

We think Pomerantz’s contributions to the art community rocks. If you’d like to learn more about Studio A, email Aaron Pomerantz directly.