Rock Moment with Wil Gravatt

All summer long, Wingate Hughes is sharing the moments that musicians, creatives and clients have when they know what they are playing, making, or doing rocks. These posts are part of the Wingate Hughes Rocks campaign, and they highlight that architects and designers have a similar rock moment when they know their designs hit the mark.

The Wil Gravatt band, comprised of lead singer and guitarist Wil Gravatt, steel guitarist Jimbo Byram, drummer and vocalist Gary Crockett, and bassist Steve Wolf, recently played at the Texas State Society’s Annual Father’s Day Picnic on June 19 in Alexandria, VA. Gravatt chatted with Wingate Hughes’ co-founding principal Gavin Daniels after the show and shared the moment when he knows the music is right.

“Music, for me, is my lifeblood,” said Gravatt. At age 14, he began to learn how to play guitar from listening to his favorite artists Merle Haggard, Van Morrison, and The Beatles. Gravatt mastered guitar using no sheet music or professional instruction; and to this day, he does not read music. “That’s why I have to be the band leader,” he jokes. Gravatt solely relies on his ear, natural talent, and heart. When asked how he knows the music is right, Gravatt said, “Music is something you feel down inside. Like the last stroke on a painting. You chase it for a little while, and then you finally find it.”

Wil Gravatt Band Rocks Wingate Hughes Architects Washington DC

The Wil Gravatt Band is touring DC, Virginia and Maryland for the remainder of 2016, with several shows this summer. Check out their calendar for upcoming concerts.