Rock Moment with G. Love

All summer long, Wingate Hughes is sharing the moments that musicians, creatives and clients have when they know what they are playing, making or doing ROCKS! These posts are part of the Wingate Hughes Rocks campaign, and they highlight that architects and designers have a similar rock moment when they know their designs hit the mark.

G. Love & Special Sauce, a funky, blues band from Philadelphia, has turned out hits and made fans groove since the early 90s. They are known for hit songs like “Baby’s Got Sauce” and “Cold Beverage.” Band mates include front man Garrett Dutton, aka G. Love, drummer Jeffrey Clemens and bassist Jim Prescott. G. Love recently played a private, rooftop concert in Arlington, VA this July, and we had the chance to chat with him about his rock moment.

g love rock moment with wingate hughes architects dc

G. Love humbly credits his success to hard work. “The reality is I’ve worked my whole life to get to that point where that one song comes out of thin air, and I have that moment of inspiration.” For G. Love, music is the love of his life, and he lives for the moment “when your fingers stumble around the guitar and you land on something really cool. That’s the feeling you live for as a creative. That’s the best moment.”

G. Love is closing out his solo tour on July 17 in Nantucket, MA before he hooks up with the full band for a summer through fall tour. Check out their concert dates here.