Rock Moment with Chad, BoySetsFire

During our summer-long Wingate Hughes Rocks campaign, we are sharing the moment that musicians, creatives and clients have when they know what they are playing, making, or doing rocks. It’s the same moment we have as architects when we know our designs are the one.

Boysetsfire, comprised of guitarists Chad Istvan and Josh Latshaw, vocalist Nathan Gray, bassists Chris Rakus and Robert Ehrenbrand, and drummer Jared Shavelson, played DC’s Rock and Roll Hotel on May 4. We caught up with Istvan after the show, and he shared his moment when he knows the music rocks. “The music is right when the next time I play a song, it comes right back,” said Istvan. “It’s something that you know. That immediate memory.”
boysetsfire chad istvan wingate hughes architects rocks poster

Boysetsfire can be founding touring Europe for the remainder of the summer.