The world as we know it has momentarily been turned upside down. Our old ways of being have been thrown out the window and our expectations for work-life with them. Maybe these days you check your morning inbox in sweatpants and with an extra cup of coffee or maybe you’re just trying to keep your kids out of the background of your Zoom video conference calls. Whatever your current circumstances look like, know this: we’re with you. 

Wingate Hughes Co-Founder and Managing Principal, Gavin Daniels’ Home Office

We’re here to walk through the changes and the ups and downs of this season to figure out what the future of work will look like — whenever it is we get back to it. From a high-level we can tell you this: we expect to see more short term office leases, a continued emphasis on commercial building amenities, and organizations getting beyond their current  esoteric understanding of “wellness” and arriving at real change. 

 As architects, designers, and workplace experts our industry has been turned on its head but at Wingate Hughes we believe that when the going gets tough, the tough get creative.

As creatives, we believe this is the perfect moment to pause, take a deep breath, and be reminded of what really matters: the people we design for. What if this is the perfect moment to reconsider more than just what the trends of the future will be? What if at this moment we challenge both ourselves and our industry to consider what parts of conventional design are really worth keeping? 

You’ve probably seen the following quote shared more than a few times on social media over the past few weeks but we think it’s worth repeating.

“In the rush to return back to normal, let’s first consider what parts of normal are worth returning back to.” 

We want to challenge you to do the same – to consider what parts of your normal routine you want to return to. Let’s get creative and reimagine the possibilities for what life and work can look like. Join us during this unique season as we #RethinkWork.