#RethinkWork: Why Your Office Needs a Mudroom

As many Americans end their fifth week of working from home, one thing’s for sure, home can be a pretty comfortable place to spend your day. Between taking conference calls in sweatpants and responding to emails from the couch, we may eventually find it difficult to transition back to the formality of our offices. 

While we know that the collaborative nature of offices increases everything from employee satisfaction to productivity, we have to admit there’s something to be said for the creature comforts of home. Your favorite mug that you fill with the coffee that you brew to your liking each morning. The ability to take your dog on long walks around the neighborhood whenever you please. The peace of mind you’re able to have knowing every surface you touch is clean. 

And to that we say, why not both? Why not introduce those creature comforts of home into the offices where so many of us will spend the majority of our days? Let’s throw away the worn out expectation that a corporate office must be stiff. 

As a firm who takes seriously our slogan of “design for the future,” we’re always looking for ways to reimagine the conventions of what workplace design should look like, focused on the future as our source of inspiration. 

It’s for all of these reasons that we believe the next great trend in office design will be … mudrooms. 

The mudroom your office needs.

That’s right. The secondary, more casual entrance to your home that you use to store shoes, kids backpacks, and who knows what else is on its way to your corporate office. Mudrooms serve an essential function that most offices lack, a place to pause before you begin your day and walk into the office — unload what you don’t want to carry into the office and a place to regroup as your workday ends and you head home.  

But we want you to think beyond the ordinary home’s mudroom. Imagine a place where you could store your dry cleaning and receive packages. A place where you could use a sleek locker to change into office wear after biking across town to work. Simply leave your coat or change from sneakers to heels, without having one or the other under your desk. A place where you could check the weather for the evening before you leave for an event and grab an umbrella because (if you’re like us) you probably left yours at home. 

Mudrooms aren’t only helpful in the sense that they provide a physical bookend to your work, they also keep your space clean. They allow you to dust off the grime of the outside world and slip into your new environment with peace of mind knowing you’re not bringing as many germs inside with you. 

So kick back and relax, who knows, maybe we’ll see the rise of office slippers next?