Recharj With a Power Nap

ABC News’ Karen Travers visited recharj this week to explore how the newly-0pened meditation center provides Washington, DC’s workforce with the opportunity to take a quick snooze during the day. Daniel Turissini, Founder/CEO of recharj and sole inventor of the nap studio concept, is leading the way in innovative methods to holistically reboot our city’s 9-to-5ers.

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Turissini approached Wingate Hughes with his concept two years ago when he realized DC’s constant construction was eliminating the number of areas for him to escape to meditate. His dedication to inspire a more mindful DC led to our partnership. Turissini’s vision with recharj is to jump start cognitive function and motor skills for the those on the go by simply providing a space to be still. Every one from White House staffers and Startbucks baristas to Neiman Marcus sales associates and lawyers are popping in to recharj for a 20-minute nap.

We encourage every one to visit recharj and take control of your mindfulness. We are so proud of Turissini for creating the space that we all need. Check in and check out at recharj today!

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