Promoting the Future

At Wingate Hughes, we design for the future – plain and simple. It’s a concept that’s at the core of who we are as architects, professionals, and people. We’re always looking to see what’s next, whether that be a design concept, style, or idea. The key to our success has been investing in the right talent and people who continue to help keep our company focused on the future.


From left to right: Associate Principal, Becky Duvall, Director, Kerri Bouie, Director of Project Design, Tulsi Patel, and Senior Project Designer Liza Plunkett.

We’re excited to join in celebrating the promotions of Becky Duvall, Kerri Bouie, Tulsi Patel, and Liza Plunkett. These women inspire us every day. Their visionary leadership, will help push our firm forward so we can continue to help our clients design the future-oriented offices they desire.

We celebrate promotions because we believe that our team’s success is a sign of our own growth as a firm. It’s at the heart of what it means to be a people-first organization. We believe our future is brighter because of the contributions Becky, Kerri, Tulsi and Liza have and will make for our clients.

– Gavin & Gavin