Rock Moment with Marty Ringlein

Marty Ringlein’s career spans several fields and includes past positions like design manager at Twitter and adjunct professor at Boston University to current roles like Presidential Innovation Fellow at the the White House’s Office of Science & Technology Policy and co-founder of nvite, not to mention venture partner at NextGen Venture Partners. As different as these jobs are, they all have one thing in common – Marty. And Marty ROCKS.

“The other day someone asked me, ‘What do you do?’ This is a hard question for me to answer because to know what the next big thing in tech is, you have to be in the business of knowing the future.” Marty jokes that it may sound bizarre to say he’s a fortune teller but backs up this professional skill with a baseball analogy. “The only way to hit a major league ball is to swing before the ball is even released.” Marty sees the world this way, in advance. He uses vision to anticipate what users are going to click before they click it, what people are going to want to buy before they buy it, and where industries are going to shift to before they shift.

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Marty claims that he doesn’t have more keen insight than others. So how do we account for his predictive business acumen? He equates this skill to when parents tell children to look both ways before they cross the street. “If the car is 10 feet away, you don’t cross. If the car is a half mile away, you make a guess about where the car is going to be by the time you have gotten to the middle of the street.” He chalks this up to the fact that “Humans develop patterns of predictable behavior without trying.” Marty’s trick? “I always try to be two steps ahead of designs trends, competitors, and where technology will go.”

Check out Marty’s latest projects as CEO & co-founder of nvite, venture partner at Venture Partners, and micro-trustee of the Awesome Foundation.