Look into the New Stardog Office and Uncover Their Philosophical Side

Look into the new Stardog office design in Arlington, VA, and you’ll uncover the philosophical side behind the enterprise knowledge graph company. Stardog uniquely combines a graph database and a powerful AI-based knowledge toolkit to solve the hardest data unification problems at the largest enterprises in the world. It’s only natural their office space would be more than a cool space; there’s meaning behind every design choice.

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The Stardog founders identify with biophilic design, architecture that focuses on connecting the built environment with the natural world. This design doctrine inspired the star-shaped lighting that designates the pantry, reception area, and collaboration areas.

The custom, star-shaped elements are an original Wingate Hughes design, push beyond the Stardog brand, and repeat as a theme in the space. The drilled holes on the light fixtures diffuse the LED lighting and represent the night sky, constellations, and a star pattern. They connect to the natural world with their use of wood and starlight imagery and also serve as a metaphor for the Stardog mission — discovering hidden insights through data. The raw, custom millwork lights suspend from the ceiling via threaded rods. Each organic fixture has a unique look and highlights their one-of-a-kind value.

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The pantry complements the step-back exterior facade of the building with a dropped, angled ACT ceiling that borders and overlays the exposed ductwork ceiling. This angle also pairs with the star-shaped angles in the office.

The decorative Tom Dixon pendants create an eclectic look and focus attention on the custom community table. The large and medium conference rooms border the pantry and take advantage of the natural light and views into DC.

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The star-shaped, custom floating steel-tube shelving hangs above the open cabinetry bar. The intricate system, built in installments, connects contrasting bronze welded rods with threaded bolts. Laminated shelving accents the design piece.

dc architect stardog

The black painted exposed ductwork ceiling plays into the night sky backdrop for the custom constellation lighting and neutralizes the four color-branded phone booths perpendicular to the reception area. The ground and sealed concrete flooring showcases the rough, inherent qualities of the slab and works with the biophilic premise.

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The custom cut-out corridor wall, inspired by the voids left from creating the star-shaped light fixtures, does more than flow with the office theme. The creative wall creates texture and lets filtered light shine into the reception area from the windows in the seven glass-perimeter offices and the open office areas. The semi-private wall also creates a slight barrier between the office space that seats 58 with bench seating and the busy reception area. For more privacy, there is a wellness room for health breaks, naps, and nursing mothers. The Mannington Switchback carpet tile further emphasizes the angles used on corridor screens and on the light fixtures.

Thank you to our partners!

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Daniel Klueger, Managing Partner

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Colin Cappadona, Vice President

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For more information on the Stardog office, email communications@wingatehughes.com.

Photography by Erin Kelleher Photography.