Keep Moving

How We’re Keeping Design and Construction Moving Forward.

Wingate Hughes was founded 10 years ago, as our country was still grasping with recovery from the Great Recession. We got through those tough times just like we will now — because we’re optimistic about the future, and we keep moving forward. 

Fortune favors the bold. 

With more than 15 project permits recently approved and several other projects in design and construction, the Wingate Hughes team is still hard at work, creating spaces that will allow our clients to build the futures they desire. Our team is developing detailed plans for offices centered around the health, wellbeing, and happiness of our clients. We’re helping organizations prepare their workforce to return back to the workplace as we all adjust to a new normal. 

The Key Bridge made the news earlier this month because its construction finished a full year early without traffic. We’re seeing clients who are feeling the same sense of relief because we’re also seeing construction on projects move faster and with less back and forth because employees are already out of the office. 

What if you utilized this time to tackle that project you’ve always dreamed of making a reality or that idea you were always too busy to see to fruition? Or make changes to the office that will provide your employees with more comfort in the post-COVID environment?  

While your employees are working from the comfort of their dining room table or couch, your office is sitting empty, ready to be reimagined. Our clients who have projects currently underway see this as a silver lining — their teams will be returning not only with a new appreciation for the office, but with a new office altogether. 

These times are challenging, but for those in a position to invest, we’re seeing the benefit ten-fold. When everyone else is talking about cutting back and taking a break, we’re here to tell you, we’re just getting started.

The question is, will you join us?