Inside Cobalt’s New Arlington, VA Office

Cobalt’s new Arlington, VA office sparks more than good vibes when you walk into the naturally-inspired and industrially raw space. The office reflects the company’s high-tech methods of finding hidden value in data with a layered, nested design.

Discovery abounds in Cobalt’s new office. Take a look inside …

Inside Cobalt’s New Arlington, VA Office

Wood wraps throughout Cobalt’s space and subtly nods to the company’s multi-layered data theos and how they connect these points.

The open reception area includes a large, glass conference room that plays with Cobalt’s concept of discovery. The room seamlessly nests inside reception with a clear box-within-a-box feel. The streamlined wood also continuously flows through the conference room, not breaking design continuity.

Wingate Hughes Architects DC Photography Cobalt

Cobalt’s namesake color further grounds the design. Tone-on-tone cobalt blue lines the office’s main interior corridor walls and glass. Cobalt blue is made from sintering cobalt(II) oxide with alumina at 1200 °C, or a similar tone can be found inside geodes.

Cobalt’s space also strategically utilizes preexisting materials like concrete columns and the almost fully-exposed ceiling to visualize their transparent discovery process. Value and beauty shine in these materials, formerly hidden behind walls, and they open up working areas.

For many, the pantry serves as the heart of the home. For Cobalt, the internal hub keeps the office humming and includes a freestanding coffee and snack bar. Employees grab snacks and go without having to enter the room.

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