How These DC Architects Make You Hungry Through Marketing

With restraint, simplicity and focus in mind, DC Architects Wingate Hughes set a summer goal to thank their friends in DC commercial real estate simply and memorably with a unique gift — a raw, gourmet 16 ounce ribeye, two Miller High Life beers, and a recipe on how to make the perfect, uncomplicated meal.

Architect firms practice different systems and styles. At Wingate Hughes, we embrace our method, commit to becoming better every day, and shatter the norms of conventional interior architecture in every design. Our firm’s innovative technique follows a Simple Ingredients Make Design Taste Good philosophy and centers around a straightforward process-focused approach. We breakthrough boundaries — even with our marketing — with the intentional use of essential components while remembering relationships truly drive our firm and our design work.

The ingredients for our summer gift are simple; however, when they are packaged together in an exceptional way they become quite extraordinary.

Explore how Wingate Hughes executes delivering 224 raw steaks over three months to the DMV’s top real estate brokers …

dc architects

First, the idea. A raw steak’s obvious elegance speaks for itself. The steaks in this campaign hail from local gourmet shop, Soapstone Market. Nothing is more simple or delicious than a quality ribeye … except when pairing it with a nice cold beer.


dc architects

So naturally, every gift includes two Champagne of Beers.

dc architects

Two easy recipe choices accompany each gift to guide the novice grillmaster or shorten a chef’s typical process.

dc architects

The full package before the box closes for delivery. Every box ensures freshness with vacuum-sealed steaks and ice packs.

dc architects

A typical day’s delivery.

And now for feedback …

“I have not tasted Miller High Life since high school. The beers (and steak) you guys sent over were awesome. I think I’m going to start enjoying the High Life again!”

“Have I told you lately that you guys rock?”

“YASSSSSSS, thank you guys! I love surprises, especially when they involve food + booze.”

“THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! Very creative…grilled them up last night…fantastic. Clever marketing.”

“I don’t know which of you came up with that, but that’s a freakin stroke of totally unpretentious genius!!”

To learn more about Wingate Hughes and our Simple Ingredients philosophy, check out our design page, the four Simple Ingredients family dinners we threw for DC commercial real estate this summer, and/or contact for more information.