Gavin Daniels is a DC Inno 50 on Fire

Wingate Hughes Architects’ founding co-principal Gavin Hughes Daniels secured the prestigious DC Inno 50 on Fire award Thursday, December 1. The accolade recognizes Daniels and Wingate Hughes as one of the 50 most luminary, disruptive and newsworthy driving innovation in DC and as a design standout. This is the second consecutive 50 on Fire win for Wingate Hughes.

“I’m motivated every day to create new spaces for people to invent, think, and work better and smarter. I strive to make DC the best city for innovation in the country,” Daniels shared. “It’s an honor to be recognized among such outstanding thinkers who are positively impacting our city, including our clients who earned the 50 on Fire title: 1776, FiscalNote, Kit Check, iStrategyLabs, Optoro, and Everfi.”

Wingate Hughes has a profound respect for the DC tech community. “I’m passionate about improving people’s lives by improving their work environments,” said Daniels. “We design offices that help the brightest people in DC achieve their goals.” Fourteen of the firm’s tech clients were nominated as a DC 50 on Fire, and six of the companies and seven individuals were awarded the designation. Approximately 15 percent of the winners’ offices are designed by Wingate Hughes. “Clients of ours like Eastern Foundry, TrackMaven, Contactually, and are DC startup success stories,” said founding co-principal Gavin Wingate Bowie, “and deserving 50 on Fire nominees. It’s been incredible to watch them grow.”

Daniels was also named as one of DC’s 75 Most Innovative People in DC Inno’s 2016 DC Innovators series. The 75 profiled were selected for thinking differently in their respective fields, commended for becoming models for the success and future potential of DC’s innovation economy, and were included in the 150 nominees for 50 on Fire. Check out our clients’ offices, including many of the 50 on Fire nominees and winners. Read more about the 50 on Fire by visiting DC Inno.