Tommi Boyer

Thomasina “Tommi” Boyer

Tommi is the Executive Assistant for Gavin Daniels, co-founding Principal of Wingate Hughes and provides administrative and business support. With over 20 years of administrative experience in media and public relations, Tommi has an extensive grasp on all administrative tasks, including scheduling, correspondence, and planning. Having held positions in architecture, radio, and television industries, Tommi tailors her skills to meet the needs of various clients.

To help Wingate Hughes operate at its highest level, Tommi assists with administrative correspondence and scheduling regarding Gavin Daniels. She also works closely with the staff ensuring the office runs smoothly.

Prior to joining Wingate Hughes, Tommi served as Senior Executive Assistant at Arbitron, Inc. a consumer research company that collects data on radio broadcasting audiences. In her free time, Tommi enjoys traveling, attending business events, and writing.



B.A. Mass Communications and Business Management, Villa Julie College

FCC License, Broadcasting Institute of MD