Elizabeth Reinckens

Elizabeth Reinckens is a Staff Designer at Wingate Hughes with strong experience in commercial, tech, professional services, spec, hospitality, and government design. Elizabeth’s high-level ability to realistically and artistically sketch her designs impresses while serving as a tool to visually represent her client’s dream space. In addition to enjoying and excelling at graphic representation, she believes in the importance of the process for each project so the design can reach its highest level of quality and function. Elizabeth especially values the relationships she forms with her clients and has a deep understanding and appreciation of subjective perception. Her visionary and intuitive nature helps her create ideas and solutions that far exceed her client’s specific goals.

Prior to Wingate Hughes Elizabeth was a designer at a national architecture, planning, and interior design firm. In her free time, she likes to travel.

Masters of Architecture and Planning ETM Concentration, Catholic University, Washington, DC
B.S. Architecture and Planning, Catholic University, Washington, DC