Alanna Gladney

Alanna Gladney is a Staff Designer at Wingate Hughes. Alanna enjoys utilizing architecture to make spaces and the environments we live in better. She believes interiors should be designed to make our health, relationships, and careers thrive since we spend most of our time indoors.

Alanna’s breadth of experience encompasses a range of architectural themes ranging from historic preservation, adaptive reuse of historic buildings, and hospitality architecture to engineering, public justice architecture, and public spaces such as churches and museums. Additionally, she has technical practice designing for residential mixed-use developments. Alanna adapts quickly to new styles and fluidly designs based on client needs.

Alanna volunteers as a mentor at Design Like a Girl to encourage girls to consider architecture and related design fields as career paths, hopefully leading to gender equality in these professions. She teaches students architecture methods, interior design skills, and drawing techniques. Alanna is also a mentor at Space of Her Own. In addition to volunteering, she takes care of her dog and plants, practices yoga, sketches, and paints with watercolors.

Bachelor of Architecture, Mississippi State University