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Vision[ing]. It all begins here.

Excellence in architecture is about more than translating a program of requirements into a set of contract documents. There is a bit of alchemy required.

To achieve true excellence, the architect and client must develop and fully share a vision, beginning with candid conversation and shared experience.

This conversation is the starting point for design. Describe what works about your current space. Tell us everything that you imagine your space should be. We call this process Vision[ing] and through it we shape a space that uniquely and completely encapsulates your ideal environment.

Bold ideas.

You talk. We listen. Your needs are more complex than we can capture on a form you fill out. Our process is necessarily unique for each client. When you hire Wingate Hughes, we develop a personal, relevant and focused design. Based on our conversations, your budget, and the schedule needs, we develop a design concept that extends beyond notions of style.

Our aim is to fully tell the story of your space.

We take our job of communicating the design concepts to you seriously. Through a perspective drawing, computer model, finish sample, or site visit, you’ll have more than a floor plan to define your vision.

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Design in action.

We work with general contractors to establish a budget, enunciate the precise scope of work, and help you negotiate the final construction contract. Once construction begins, we take responsibility to ensure that the general contractor properly implements our design concepts – until the job is finished, the last details are complete, and you have moved in to your new space.