Designing for Optimism.

At Wingate Hughes, we’re optimists by nature. After all, the design process is an optimistic one – we envision potential and create beautiful spaces around it, bringing the future to life.

So how do we pull that positivity through for our clients? 

When designing March of Dimes’ new headquarters, we wanted to create a feel-good place where employees could rally around their common goal of giving every baby the best possible start to life. We transformed the organization’s 24,000 square-foot office into a bright, open space with high ceilings and tons of natural light; we wrapped columns with imagery of real March of Dimes mothers and babies; and we designed the hallways with art that emphasized the beauty of motherhood to keep team members feeling inspired, even in the in-between moments of their day. We challenged the conventional stereotypes around designing for women, combining both traditionally hard and soft elements. Finishing touches of warm wooden accents and a living plant wall made the office feel more like home. 

But great spaces can’t be created without optimistic, imaginative minds behind them. Every week, Wingate Hughes hosts a design charrette to get our staff out of their comfort zone and into the habit of thinking creatively. Team members are challenged to design beautiful, original pieces of art with only the materials at-hand, which were, most recently, root vegetables. By taking a mental break from their usual projects and forgetting the rules for a moment, they’re able to channel creativity and expression to create something new. 

As we look ahead to 2020, we’re bringing this mentality with us, pushing design boundaries and creating uplifting spaces that encourage a positive mindset. How will you bring optimism to your workplace in the new year?