Designing for Growth

Education tech startup Everfi grew tremendously in a span of twelve months, with 350 employees in January 2017 and nearly 500 by December.

For most companies, this would pose a serious problem. But they anticipated their wild growth trajectory and sought Wingate Hughes to design a new downtown headquarters that could adapt to their ever-expanding team. 

The project, completed earlier this year, was actually our second time designing Everfi’s offices. When the company was less than half its current size in 2013, we redeveloped their former office space in Georgetown, keeping the integrity of the historic Papermill building while opening up the floor plan to accommodate their new growth.

Four years later, Wingate Hughes and Everfi reunited once again. With Everfi’s exponential growth, they were ready to seek a new space – one that could continue to evolve with the company’s expansion.

We believe that all companies – especially startups – should prioritize workspace that allows for the potential of high growth. The key, then, is scalability.

But what does this actually mean? For Everfi’s newest office, it meant creating spaces that serve multiple functions: a large central room that acts as an all-hands meeting room when it isn’t being used as a yoga studio or lunchroom, and innovative stadium seating that accommodates a large number of people without taking up much square-footage. 

It also meant plotting an office layout that doesn’t feel crowded, yet encourages collaboration. To keep the space open and energy flowing, we integrated glass walls into all the private offices and meeting rooms, keeping Everfi’s leadership close to the action and allowing everyone to enjoy the office’s gorgeous views of downtown DC.

Our advice? You should always be planning for growth – because when you’re on the verge of something big, your office design will need to keep up. 

With this in mind, every investment you make in your space today will allow for seamless growth as you launch into your next epic chapter.