Design For Your Bottom Line

Can an office designed to improve employee health, really impact your bottom line? Sure, it’s a nice idea we like to talk about here at Wingate Hughes, but does it really work? 

We understand if you’re skeptical, which is why today we’re sharing the research behind wellness in the workplace. 

We’ll start with what you know: you do your best work when you feel your best. Healthy workers are more productive workers, they’re happier workers too. A popular study published by Harvard University in 2016, found that just improving air quality alone in an office caused mental cognition among employees to skyrocket. 

CWPS's Office Attracts Millennial Workforce with an Airstream Trailer

Designing an office around the idea of improving health and wellness is more than just offering  standing desks and fresh fruit instead of chips to employees. It’s about considering how every element of your office impacts the mental, emotional, and physical health of  employees. 

Investing in features that promote wellness in your office isn’t just the smart thing to do, it’s incredibly popular among employees. Forbes found that around 87% of workers would like their current employer to offer healthier workspace benefits. In fact, offering these benefits can actually increase talent retainment. The same study from Forbes found that 93% of workers in the tech industry said they would stay longer at a company who would offer healthier workspace benefits.


When we designed our space for the team at CWPS  we considered what specific workspace benefits would uniquely fit their team. We decided on a space that emphasizes community and brings employees together around a shared experience, whether that be sharing a meal or competing in a game of table shuffleboard. These unique workspace benefits improve the emotional wellbeing of employees, and provide added value to the space. 

We believe designing for wellbeing will do more for your company than just reducing sick days. When employees have lower levels of stress, accompanied with a comfortable environment, they’re able to produce their best work.