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Keep Moving

How We’re Keeping Design and Construction Moving Forward. Wingate Hughes was founded 10 years ago, as our country was still grasping with recovery from the Great Recession. We got through those tough times just like we will now — because we’re optimistic about the future, and we keep moving forward.  Fortune favors the bold.  With […]

#RethinkWork: Why Your Office Needs a Mudroom

As many Americans end their fifth week of working from home, one thing’s for sure, home can be a pretty comfortable place to spend your day. Between taking conference calls in sweatpants and responding to emails from the couch, we may eventually find it difficult to transition back to the formality of our offices.  While […]

#RethinkWork: Cleaning & the Office of the Future

As we continue our #RethinkWork blog series today, we’re exploring new – and likely unexpected – ground.  At Wingate Hughes, not only are we architects and designers, but we’re also workplace experts. In order to design the best office space possible, it takes more than a mastery of architecture theory and great style – it […]

#RethinkWork: Setting Boundaries

Welcome  – whether you’ve stumbled into our corner of the digital world for the first time or consider yourself a part of the Wingate Hughes family, we’re glad you’re here. You’ve reached the first of our three blogs in our #RethinkWork mini-blog series. It’s our attempt to extend a hand in the middle of this […]


The world as we know it has momentarily been turned upside down. Our old ways of being have been thrown out the window and our expectations for work-life with them. Maybe these days you check your morning inbox in sweatpants and with an extra cup of coffee or maybe you’re just trying to keep your […]